Campeonatos Locales

In participation with foundations, hostels, clubs and surf schools we have supported with the production , management and logistics of local events on the beaches of Ladrilleros, Valle del Cauca, Tayrona in Santa Marta and Palomino in La Guajira, towns on the Colombian coast where the Tourist vocation has left its mark on local communities and young people who see surfing as a possibility for personal and professional development and growth.

Misión Paddle Paddle
Misión Paddle Paddle 

Seek Surf Colombia, in collaboration with the La Sierra Artist Residency Foundation (CO), Aurelie Andres (FRA), Paddle Paddle Charity Project (FRA), Fundación Costeño Social (COL) and our friends Antonie Bougouin (FRA) and Ismael Garra (COL) we had the great opportunity to carry a message of Surf, Ecology and Art for the boys and girls of the Costeño Social foundation surf team.

This mission was carried out in the middle of a week without waves, but with many activities around the sea, a passion, which for some time has been the reality of many local Tayrona boys, who see the benefits and the joy of being connected with the sea and in harmony with their environment, in addition to a new culture that opens up it's arms to them. In this first edition of our Gallery we leave you the work of the Photographer Mathilde Metairie (FRA) who silently fit in all situations and managed to capture the magic of the Paddle Paddle Colombia mission.

As a result of the work of Antoine and Ismael, we can now enjoy an excelent documentary titled Yeré, which is was filmed during the project.

Watch it now here!



Apnea para el surf
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Apnea for surfing is a program that we are offering with the help of our national champion and friend Carlos Correa, an eminence of this sport in Colombia and with whom we are allowing the boys of the Caribbean region an alternative of personal growth through conscious breathing and love of the sea at the same time improving performance in the aquatic environment and thus increasing the lung capacity and confidence of these young surfers in the water.

Taller de Reparacion de tablas de surf

Gracias a la iniciativa de Natalia Zapata, body boarder del surf caribeño y la buena onda y disposición del maestro Jefferson Tascón surfista profesional Colombiano y shaper de las tablas JT surfboards, disfrutamos de un taller de reparación de tablas impartido en el mes de Diciembre en las playas de Mendihuaca donde los chicos de la fundación costeño social y miembros del Palomino Surf Club pulieron sus conocimientos y mejoraron su método para reparar tablas con acabados profesionales, algo que para ellos significa un avance dentro de sus conocimientos en el deporte y una nueva apertura a las posibilidades que pueden encontrar entre olas.  


Además del taler de reparación Tascón comapartio con los chicos tips para surfear y para tener en cuenta en sus carreras en el deporte.